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What is Kindermusik?


Since 1978, Kindermusik has been bringing the unparalleled benefits of music education to children and families around the world. Based on decades of research, Kindermusik's curricula were designed especially to provide a dynamic experience that evokes a powerful response in young children. Imprinted on the mind and body of your child.... the beat of a drum... the melody of a song... and the clear tone of a bell can reverberate across a lifetime!

Why? Because music and movement, along with interaction and exploration, are the perfect elements of a learning environment for young children. That’s why Kindermusik provides a unique entry for your child’s preparation for school – and for life – unlike any other program. Each aspect, each level of the Kindermusik curriculum is developmentally appropriate, carefully structured to reflect and match your child’s ages and stages. This gives your child a head start in learning!

Double egg shaker
Kindermusik infographic
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