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About Overton Music Studios

Since 1978, Kindermusik has been bringing the unparalleled benefits of music education to children and families around the world, using research-based curriculum and programming to ensure every child receives the developmental benefits of music!


Our Mission

Our mission is to nurture valuable connections and inspire your family through the joy of music! 


You'll experience music enrichment implemented by our fully accredited professionals who are experts in using music to help your child thrive and empower you to continue the musical experiences at home. We promise to support your child's full development through purposeful, research-based and developmentally appropriate lessons.


"My girls have loved everything about it. The teachers we have been blessed to have are truly committed to what they're doing and teaching. It's more than just a job to them. I wish all educators were as passionate about their job." -Studio Parent

Lovingly founded in 1991 by Joan Prenosil, our studio has continued to be guided by owner and educator, Melissa Overton, since 2019. Come enjoy the wonders of Kindermusik, experienced by Omaha families for over 30 years! 

 Yes! You can enroll
at any time during the year! 

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