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Musicians Year 2 (Pre-Piano)

6 years to 8 years

Kindermusik instrument

Kindermusik Musicians Year 2 is the final level in your child's Kindermusik journey and consists of the last two semesters! In the third semester, Appalachian music is a featured musical style. Using a two-stringed dulcimer, we will learn how to play. We’ll also explore rhythm concepts through dance with an introduction to the basic steps in jazz, ballet, and tap dances. Your Home Materials include activity cards and music that features recordings from Appalachia, African-America, and Native American music, as well as the Western Art music of the Nutcracker Suite.

In the fourth semester, we’ll introduce the recorder instrument. As your child is introduced to basic methods of playing simple melodic patterns and songs on this wind instrument, we’ll also incorporate the instruments, concepts, and songs from previous semesters. With a special emphasis on multicultural music, your child will learn to improvise and write music, as well as experience the musical styles of the Pacific Islands, Europe, and Africa; plus play special dances and children’s games from around the world, including Alpine dances, Mexico, and Ecuador. 

  • 1 hour lesson once a week

  • Studio setting or secure virtual classroom, with caregiver attending last 5-10 minutes

  • Maximum 8 students

  • Unlimited makeups while still enrolled 

What to Expect

Music Concepts

From hoops to mirrors to harmonicas, you and your toddler will explore new objects together to help boost fine motor skills and other key milestones.

Ensemble Experience

“Everybody ready?” Students participate in activities involving instrument ensembles, vocal ensembles, and group dancing.

Auditory Discrimination

Clear, flat, metallic, warm...children develop the ability to listen to music and sound while paying close attention to differences in pitch and the instrument timbre.

Instrument Play

Through their knowledge of music notation, children learn how to play the glockenspiel, dulcimer, and recorder.

Kindermusik instrument

What you'll learn


Level 5 students can identify specific sounds in words and have an increased awareness of the rhythmic structure of language.

Physical Development

Through the awareness of steady beat, meter, and rhythm, Level 5 students develop coordination.

Music Notation

Children have the ability to read music notation and use it to play an instrument or sing.

School Readiness

The understanding of music concepts benefit in problem-solving, creativity, team participation, and more.

Class Costs

With your tuition of $80 per month you’ll enjoy…


•Making joyful noises with a wide variety of safety tested and child-approved instruments

•Convenient weekly classes in a welcoming studio setting 

•Simple monthly billing to bring ease to your days

•Exclusive access to streaming your favorite class songs and stories on our app

•Your preferred class time and access to priority enrollment

•Passionate teachers who will celebrate your child's milestones with you!


Yes, sibling discounts of $10 off per month are available for siblings enrolled in the same class.


Reserve your spot in Kindermusik Musicians with your $60 registration fee, which will be applied toward beautiful physical materials for your child to use in class and when practicing at home!


Kindermusik at home!

Digital home materials

  • Play and learn musical concepts together with Music At Home cards and special stickers, a beautifully illustrated family songbook, a canvas carry bag, a games bag, a playlist of multicultural music from class, and a wind, stringed, or keyboard instrument.

Kindermusik app
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