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Newborns to 12 months (pre-walkers)

Kindermusik toys

Cuddle, bounce, and bop with your tiniest music maker!


Whether your baby is five weeks or five months, this class is perfect for you!


With age-appropriate activities for newborns, infants, and crawlers, this caregiver-child music and movement class focuses on all of the exciting new experiences babies encounter during this first year.


You'll gain a deep understanding of baby's development and focus on child-development and communication. You'll enjoy instrument play, dance, exploration time and wonderful bonding!


You'll also receive expert advice and resources on the most recent baby development research.

  • 45-minute classes once a week

  • Studio setting with caregiver attending entire class

  • Maximum 10 students

  • New theme with a development focus every 5 weeks

  • Unlimited makeups while still enrolled

Fall Classes Begin
Sept. 3rd! 

Year-Round Enrollment


What to Expect


Sing it again...babies will experience a variety of songs and rhymes in different ways. Bonus: a parent’s singing voice is their favorite!

Object Exploration

From scarves to shakers, little ones will use all of their senses to explore a variety of safe, engaging props and instruments.

Vocal Plays

Your turn! Babies will participate in back-and-forth vocal plays and other parent-child interactions, helping them with early language development.

Bonding Exercises

The best part...parents and caregivers learn bonding techniques through intentional touch, baby massage, and relaxation activities.

Kindermusik ball

What you'll learn

Movement Control

Different movement activities help babies strengthen their core muscles, which increases their sense of balance and control over movements.

Listening and Communication Skills

Listening to music and doing vocal play exercises helps develop a baby’s back-and-forth communication skills.


Associating music with tricky transitions like nap time helps establish calm and encourages self-soothing.

Social Adaptability

Group activities allow babies to experience familiar and unfamiliar social experiences in a safe and secure way.

Language and Literacy Development

Introducing spoken sounds and rhythms through songs and rhymes helps support language and literacy development.

Children on the floor
Kindermusik blanket

Class Costs

With your tuition of $75 per month you’ll enjoy…


•Making joyful noises with a wide variety of safety tested and child-approved instruments

•Convenient weekly classes in a welcoming studio setting 

•Simple monthly billing to bring ease to your days

•Exclusive access to streaming your favorite class songs and stories on our app

•Your preferred class time and access to priority enrollment

•Flexible, unlimited makeups

•Passionate teachers who will celebrate your child's milestones with you!


Yes, sibling discounts of $10 off per month are available for siblings enrolled in the same class.


Reserve your spot in your preferred class for this season when you pay the one-time $15 registration fee.

Kindermusik at home!

Digital home materials

With the Kindermusik App, you and your family will have access to:


  • Assigned class albums and books: Access materials from your Kindermusik classes at home.

  • Hundreds of songs: Explore a vast library of Kindermusik songs.

  • Themed playlists: Simplify daily routines with mood-setting playlists.

  • Interactive instrument play: Encourage your child's musical creativity.

  • Spanish instruction: Enhance language skills and cultural awareness.

  • And more! Discover additional features for a complete family learning experience.

kindermusik app
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