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Awards & Honors


We are once again incredibly honored this year to have been awarded the international distinction of Top Program Award for 2023! The Top Program distinction is awarded to the top Kindermusik programs world-wide, and it is a privilege to receive this honor for the 16th year in a row as we serve families in Omaha!

Kindermusik sound board

Educator, Melissa Overton, is currently serving on the Kindermusik SOUND Board (2021-2025). This board consists of 5 Kindermusik Educators from North America who apply for and are accepted into a four-year, volunteer commitment to support and represent the Kindermusik community as Educator Liaisons. This honored position provides a means by which Kindermusik International may have an ongoing conversation with educators in the field. The Kindermusik SOUND Board is also directly involved in planning the bi-annual International Kindermusik conferences. 

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