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Why Kindermusik?

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  • Child-Centered Approach: Your child is at the heart of everything we do. Kindermusik is carefully designed to boost their social, cognitive, language, emotional, physical, and musical growth.

  • Expert Insights: Your educators draw inspiration from the wisdom of early childhood experts like Montessori and Piaget. Plus, we blend in the musical expertise of Orff and Kodaly, creating a perfect mix for your child's learning journey.

  • Strong Foundation: Your youngest musician will start with sensory stimulation, exploration, vocal development, and patterns & sequencing skills. These building blocks lay the foundation for a lifetime of learning and are so helpful once they're ready for the pre-piano program, Kindermusik Musicians.

  • Empowering Grownups: We don't just teach the children; we teach you too! You'll be equipped with the knowledge and skills to support each child's unique learning journey effortlessly.

  • Age-Appropriate: From newborns to big kids (and their grownups), we've included something special for everyone. Kindermusik grows with your child, ensuring a continuous source of enrichment and joy.

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Kindermusik makes great caregiving EASIER

Parents will learn songs, poems, games, and techniques for every aspect of your day, from baby’s diaper changes to toddler temper tantrums to preschool separation anxiety.  Easing these transitions throughout your day with a fun song helps foster communication and the parent-child connection while strengthening your child’s self-esteem and independence.  Music is the perfect vehicle for learning!


Kindermusik prepares your child for music lessons


Through games, instrument exploration, and vocal play, your child learns about tonal patterns, rhythm patterns, and music concepts & contrasts (forte/piano, lento/rapido, glissando, etc.), as well as develops their ear and singing voice.  Later, in our classes for 3-5 year olds, your child learns to read beginning music notation and is exposed to diverse genres such as Native American music, African music, opera, big band, and more.  This all-encompassing approach ensures that your child will be successful in lessons.  At Kindermusik with Overton Music Studios, you are taking an award-winning music class with degreed and licensed music educators.  It just makes sense...

You won't lose your spot in class!


Join any time! We know that kids (and parents!) have busy schedules. When you enroll, there is no need to "re-enroll" every month.   Once you find the day/time that works with your schedule, you are guaranteed that spot!  If your schedule changes, let us know and we can switch you to a different class at any time based on availability.  When you are ready to move to the next age group, email about the new class days/times.  If you need to stop coming, just give written notice by the 1st of the month that will be your last month and your membership will be cancelled.

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