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Overton Music Studios




You're invited to a class, where you and your little one are welcomed with genuine warmth, knowing that you're not just entering a musical experience, but a place where passionate educators are ready to guide every step of your young child's developmental journey.


At Kindermusik, your educators will introduce you to an intentional, research-based curriculum that's tailor-made for your child's age and stage.

It's not only about music (although there's a lot of that!). It's about creating beautiful memories while following a path of enrichment perfectly suited for your child.


You'll groove to all kinds of music, from catchy beats to tunes from around the world, all carefully selected to enhance your child's development.

And guess what? They won't just be shaking egg shakers; they'll be making friends and connecting while they dance, explore instruments, and make joyful noises with their voices!

Join us just as you are!

No need to feel any pressure.

Has your toddler arrived with yogurt in their hair? No worries, come right in! They're all fueled up and ready to have a blast. Let's wiggle and have some fun!

Just had a little power struggle with your preschooler, who's asserting their newfound independence? We're thrilled to have both of you here. Take a deep breath, and together, we'll uncover musical discoveries while helping you reconnect.

Feeling uncertain about what to do with your precious new baby? You've come to the perfect place, and we can't wait to empower you to enhance your baby's daytime play using music and everyday items!

You're invited to join us and be part of the joy shared with Omaha families for more than three decades!

Kindermusik rolling ball

Fall Enrollment is Open!
Classes begin September 5th


You'll enjoy...

  • Making joyful noises with a wide variety of safety tested and child-approved instruments

  • Convenient weekly classes in a welcoming studio setting 

  • Simple monthly billing to bring ease to your days

  • Exclusive access to streaming your favorite class songs and stories on our app

  • Your preferred class time and access to priority enrollment

  • Flexible, unlimited makeups

  • Passionate teachers who will celebrate your child's milestones with you!

Sing and learn with the Kindermusik app!

Keep the class vibes going at home!


With the Kindermusik App, you and your family will have access to:

  • Assigned class albums and books: Access materials from your Kindermusik classes at home.

  • Hundreds of songs: Explore a vast library of Kindermusik songs.

  • Themed playlists: Simplify daily routines with mood-setting playlists.

  • Interactive instrument play: Encourage your child's musical creativity.

  • Spanish instruction: Enhance language skills and cultural awareness.

  • And more! Discover additional features for a complete family learning experience.

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